Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014


if i had
to do over...

i would buy
a lot less crap
i've been cleaning
out my mother's stuff
for weeks now
still have a garage full
onto our house i go
last night when
i went to bed
this was my living room
i have nightmares
about it
so very unnecessary
it is just awful
the amount of money
we waste on
needless junk
and then
we hoard
like it's treasure
not so
it's mostly
dust mite collecting
or worse
mold and mildew
we could and
learn to live
with so much less
my goal for
this year is to
follow the
that is
once i rid the house
of all
unnecessary stuff
our happiness
depends on it

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

blindly into the night...

last evening
i was
calmly driving...
when all of a sudden
 it started snowing
within moments
it was nearing
white out conditions
it was hard
 to see what
was in front
of me
i slowed to a
just making sure
i was staying
on course
then as i gained a
bit more confidence
i eased my foot
further down
on the gas pedal
keeping faith
that the road
 was still
before me
and isn't that how
we live life
we have no idea
what tomorrow holds
the next minute
or hour really
we slowly
build up confidence
develop a faith
there will be
a reason to go
and then we do
one foot in front
of the other
like a white out
in the darkness of

Thursday, January 30, 2014

tattered & torn...

many years
healing warmth
and love
from this quilt
my very first
paper pieced
 stitched by hand while
i was in college
this week
it was my comfort
while i slept
in a chair
due to a frozen
back after
shoveling the drive
there are places
that need repaired
but i can't bring
myself to do so
as the vision
is so alive
when i think
of my
curled up
when they
were not feeling
 so well
i cherish those
and each thread
that is hanging
seam that is
 torn open
is there
from their
tiny hands
comforted hearts

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

another year...

i hope so...

my girl and i
made our annual
trek down to the q
for disney on ice
i watched
her closely
she demonstrates
such enthusiasm
the minute the big
eared mices
skate through the curtain
even though she's
seen them a
bazillion times
and i marvel
at that
i want to live
like sarah
just simply
each and every
that's what i wish
for this fifty fourth year
of mine
to simply enjoy
all the little

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

all we really need...

i recently wrote
a note
to someone...
who had been
quick to judge me
 turn me into
a villain
my sentiment was
 simply this
i really
 could not understand
the position that
had been taken
when all we
(my husband and i)
was love
i have been trying to
for some time
a message
this week
a friend of mine
said for me in just
a few words
what i've been trying to
for years
using fear, guilt 
shaming and negativity 
does not build love 
or a feeling of safety 
just supposing
 the call had instead
been about love
just love
the outcome would
have been
 so much
today i vow
to spread some love
followed by love
for that is all we
really need

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

a broken heart...

this is not
the christmas
post i had
nor did i expect
my holiday eves
to be filled
with sorrow
followed by
eye opening
 and jaw dropping
learned from hours of research
this precious baby
the granddaughter
of a woman
i worked with years ago
our sons hanging out
together when we
needed to take them
with us
is celebrating her
first christmas
without her daddy
he died
a few nights ago
just days after
this gorgeous photo
was taken
it is real
it is frightening
and it is
a very huge problem
in our community
this beautiful blue eyed
is not the only
daughter waking up
 this christmas morn
in a very short
amount of time
i've learned of
young men
that i have known
good decent families
with one thing
in common
we need to wake up
reach out
stop being in denial
before it is to late
our prayers
go out to the women
who are now
as they try to cope
with an empty
a broken heart
and a story
they will one
day have to share
with their
to the families
who are heartbroken
have guilt
are asking
they could not do more
how do we help
we must stop
what so many
 police departments are
declaring an
we must
it is killing
too many

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

snowy splendor

there's just
about a...

...freshly fallen snow
that brings peace
to my existence
and when it
at just the right
late in the quiet
of evening
in front of
a window full
of kate spain
christmas quilts
my heart
becomes full
of holiday spirit

Monday, December 2, 2013

forward with hope...

life has a way
of throwing

in our path
they are tiny pebbles
sometimes boulders
often people
 the necessary part
of living
and growing
and learning
is knowing that
no matter what
one must
keep moving
with hope
for a brighter
the haters are going
to hate
the bullies are going
to bully
the jealous types
are going to
try to cut your legs
out from under you
the insecure ones
are going to
create drama
keep moving forward
with hope
just believe
in yourself

Monday, November 11, 2013

nature's beauty

i've had the
of staring...

at this richness
in our front yard 
for the past week
i'm afraid today
she'll be gone
as the winter winds
are blowing in
 across the lake
her beauty i
am thankful to have
for remembrance
throughout the cold
snowy days
her glory shall return
next year
mother nature is kind
that way

Thursday, October 24, 2013

healing threads

for three years now
we have been
stitching for others...
in beautiful happy colors
our mission is
to help others
feel better
to let others know
we care
it's a simple gesture
that allows our
sarah to create
then share her talents
this week
for the first time
in more than four years
she herself
has been in the hospital
double pneumonia
last night
 at the suggestion
of a customer
i brought her a pillowcase
and a quilt
this morning as the room
became chilly
following a power outage
due to a massive
ice storm
i witnessed first
what a difference
it can make
as she slept so
the first time
in more than a week

Saturday, October 19, 2013

miracles in the clouds...

days like this
remind me
although i want...

to think i'm
in charge
i'm really not
 we indeed arrived in
 new orleans last night
but by four this morning
i knew sarah
was in trouble
 so we called for a taxi
 and headed back
to the airport
 for the first flight
to ohio
the taxi driver
no doubt
divinely sent
 midway through
somewhere over the midwest
it was apparent
her airway
was collapsing
 so i asked
 the flight attendant
for a small tank of oxygen
 i got multiple emt's
quickly responding
 to her plea
for help
 they were heading to a
first responders
in south bend
the one who stepped up first
a gentle giant of a man
sarah adored him
the admiration
quickly became mutual
then we landed
to see out our window
three firetrucks
 and two ambulances
 at the gate
as the doors
 of the plane flew open
chicago's finest
 dressed in blue
raced in
to scoop up my girl
 and in the process
we educated
 an entire plane
 full of strangers
who cheered, clapped
threw praises
and blessings our way
feeling very grateful
that we safely arrived home
and thankful for the
strength that
comes over me in times
like this
so sorry to have missed the
and the quilt shops
we had planned
to visit during our stay
we'll have to make
a return visit
one day soon
especially to thank
tommie walters
of baton rouge
our hero on flight 1792

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

a grateful crash

i went to
the body shop
to clean out
the boy's car
as the
insurance company
 has declared
it a total loss
not surprising as
it was more
than a decade old
i started with
the center console
then the glove box
scooped up the
two soccer balls
the empty energy drink cans
before moving
to the back hatch
as i gathered
a single lose sock
my eyes welled
with tears
my heart became soft
realizing there
are parents
who would cling to
this stinky sock
as a remembrance
of a last game played
the scent of their athlete gone
they would carry
this box full of stuff
home to an
 empty bedroom
i said a little prayer
in that parking lot
feeling very grateful
for second chances
this evening